POUSSEUR is recognised throughout the world for the quality of its silico-alumina, special silico-alumina, bauxiteandalusite and high-alumina-content refractory products.

Its expertise allows it to offer clients products that are adapted to meet the specific demands of each application in the primary aluminium, iron and steel makingcalcination (cementlime and alumina calcination), ceramics, incineration, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The development of long-term partnerships with each client is of primary importance for POUSSEUR .

The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993, and is currently ISO 9001:2008.  Customisation of the high-quality product offered to meet clients’ needs is at the heart of what the POUSSEUR teams do.

Thanks to its close work and cooperation with other SGI Group companies, POUSSEUR offers its clients a global high-tech service.